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Welcome to Adams County!

Adams County was created in 1911 from Washington County (which had been created from Boise County in 1879). It is named for America's second president, John Adams. It is comprised of 1,376 square miles of mountains, forests, rivers, high desert and is bordered on the west by Hells Canyon. Powerhouses of the Owbox and Hells Canyon dams are in Adams County. Historically, Council Valley was a meeting place for the Nez Perce and Shoshoni Native American Tribes.

The county seat is Council  --   Council Chamber of Commerce  --   Council Mountain Music Festival
Other present-day towns and communites include:
Bear, Cuprum, Goodrich, Fruitvale, Indian Valley, Mesa,
New Meadows - Historic Pacific & Idaho Northern Railway Depot,     City website for New Meadows
Price Valley and Tamarack. (see County History)

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Indian Valley Store, 1986

Indian Valley Store, 1986

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