Wildhorse Cemetery

Dale: "To get to Wildhorse in general, you go out Council-Cuprum Road from Council, maybe 25 miles and the road goes south from the Council-Cuprum Road, way down a remote canyon."

Research shared by Dale Fisk
Council Valley Museum, Adams County Cemetery Records

Idaho GenWeb Archives Adams Co.   ~   Corrections, additions, contributions Sharon McConnel

Last Name First Middle Birth Death Date of News & Notes
Hemenger Lloyd   18 Jul 1922 12 Jul 1933 ACL, 5 Sep 1933 p1c1
Rogers Charles E. 1 Apr 1865 8 Aug 1937  
Rogers Richard H 17 Sep 1919 8 Jun 1987  
Smith Willard F   27 Aug 1925 DC #51242 - informant, Wm. Clark of Wildhorse; single; 67 years old; born in Indiana.
Whitcraft Frank   1855 1933  

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