Wilkie Cemetery

about 12.5 miles NW of Council

Dale Fisk: "The Wilkie Cemetery is a very small cemetery located about 12.5 miles up the Council - Cuprum Road (Hornet Creek) northwest from Council. The cemetery is about 100 yards up a brushy hill north of the Council - Cuprum Road, just east of where the Upper Dale Road meets the Council - Cuprum Road, and east of Pearl Creek (the small creek running parallel to the Upper Dale Road and perpendicular to the Council - Cuprum Road at this point). The cemetery can't be seen from the road. The Wilkie cemetery contains the graves of Frederick and Sarah Wilkie and the remains of at least eight other family members. Sarah's grave is the only one with a headstone."

Research shared by Dale Fisk
Council Valley Museum, Adams County Cemetery Records

Civil War Veteran Information from Idaho State Historical Society

Idaho GenWeb Archives Adams Co.   ~   Corrections, additions, contributions Sharon McConnel

Last First Middle Birth Death Date of News Notes
Elliot Libbie (Rose) 1830 1910    
Wilkie baby girl   28 Jan 1913 28 Jan 1913 CL, 31 Jan 1913 p3c2 CL - stillborn , dau of A H Wilkie
Wilkie Edith     1900    
Wilkie Edna     1900    
Wilkie Frederick C 1840 1907     Civil War, New York 5th New York Artillery
Wilkie Marion     1904    
Wilkie Sarah Adams Sep 1850 3 Mar 1884 WS, 15 Mar 1884 WS - death date.
Wilkie Warren Douglas 21 Oct 1904 1904    

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