History Index

Women Homesteaders on the Payette National Forest
Martial Law Declared, 1931 (timbered counties)
Post Offices and Postmasters


Fruit Merchants of Hell's Canyon, The Story of Archibald Ritchie and John Eckles (Payette National Forest website)
Council Valley Museum including newspaper abstracts from 1877 to 1950
Idaho State Historical Society Reference Series Index of Idaho history
National Registry of Historic Places

Suggested Reading

Conley, Cort. Idaho for the Curious/A Guide. Backeddy Books, Cambridge, Idaho. 1982.
Idaho Almanac, 1977 Edition, published by The Executive Office of the Governor, John V. Evans and The Idaho Division of Tourism and Industrial Development, State Capitol Building, Boise, Idaho.
The Idaho Blue Book published by the Secretary of State's office.
Wells, Merle W. -- Gold Camps & Silver Cities/Nineteenth Century Mining in Central and Southern Idaho. Idaho Department of Lands, Bureau of Mines & Geology, Moscow, Idaho, 1983.

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